Denver, CO

Your real family is beautiful and deserves to be documented. No matching outfits, no posing, & no directing - I capture your family's authentic interactions in the places that mean the most to them. Reading your daughter the book she loves so much she's worn its edges, watching a swarm of children attack a piñata like a pack of hungry hyenas, changing into your wedding dress on top of a mountain {yep, I've actually photographed all of these scenarios!} - these are the things you'll want to remember down the road, the memories that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel.

Sessions available in Denver, Colorado & beyond! Contact me for more information.







Hi, I'm Sam!

The most important thing about me, besides my mad photography skills, is that I'm super hilarious. Truly. I love meeting people and I love to laugh so if you're nervous about being comfortable enough to be yourself, worry no more. We're going to have a blast, I promise.

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Photo of my son and me during our very own Day in the Life session by Lindsey Eden Photography.

Sam captured my family interactions in a way I never thought possible. I worried about what I might look like on the other end of her lens, but ultimately, none of that mattered, because she showed me intimate moments that I would never have captured on my own - and I’m a photographer. I plan to hire Sam annually for a Day in the Life session. It’s an investment, in my opinion, worth making.