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1. How does your photography style work?


Documentary wedding photos are made by capturing real, unposed moments. I simply photograph what's naturally happening as opposed to making portraits and telling people where to stand/when to smile/etc. On the day of, after I greet you, I'll dive right in, bobbing and weaving through the event in search of moments. You won't have to worry about a thing. 

2. Wait, so we don't have to do any posing?

You really don't! Some couples do choose to have a few portraits made for posterity's sake but many don't. It's your choice! Otherwise, all photos will be made from unposed, real interactions, situations, and conditions.


3. How much do you love your job? 


So much! Don't get me started, I'll cry. 


4. How long does it take to get the photos back after the wedding/event/family session/etc.? 


Turn-around time for all sessions is 6 weeks. 


5. May I have the RAW files? 


No, you may not, I only provide finished work. 


6. How much  do you charge for a session? 

Sessions are charged hourly and have a 2 hour minimum. Follow the link to see rates.

7. Do we need to feed you? 

Yes, please! Whatever you feed the guests will be fine with me.

8. Can I contact you with more questions? 

Please do! You may email me at or fill out my contact form

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