1. Will you have anything to shoot? Our daily life isn't too special.
    I love showing clients how not true this is! There are so many magical moments hidden inside every day with your family & my goal is to find them. Check out the slideshow here to see how!
  2. What should we do during a day in the life shoot?
    What we do is up to you! For day in the life sessions I normally document the family's daily routine {brushing teeth, bath time, story time, etc.} interspersed with family activities such as: going on a hike or a fishing trip, playing at the park, a trip to the ice cream shop, playing in the snow, family board games, making meals/treats with the kids...truly, the possibilities are endless. It's ideal to choose activities that your family typically does or would participate in & that hold meaning for your family.
  3. We'll take a few posed photos, right?
    I know it's different than photo shoots most people are used to but I really don't take any posed photos. Remember: the goal is to create a documentary of your life - your real life. Click here for more information about documentary family photography.
  4. If something doesn't look perfect you'll just photoshop it, right?
    Nope! I do lightly edit photos to improve overall quality but I otherwise do not do any photoshopping.
  5. Are you allergic to any pets?
    None at all! I love pets and always try to include them in the shoot. They're an important part of the family, after all!
  6. How long does it take to receive the photos?
    I always edit photos as quickly as possible {I'm as anxious to see the final product as you are!} The amount of time it takes depends a lot on the type of session but generally speaking you'll receive a blog sneak peek in about a week and your full gallery within two to three weeks.
  7. Can I have the RAW {unedited} files? 
    Editing the raw files is part of the artistic process; the photo isn't complete until it's been done. As such, I do not share or give out raw photos.
  8. Do you do any shoots outside of Colorado?
    Yes I do! You will just need to provide airfare, a ride to/from the airport, & accommodation {your couch or guest room will do just fine!} & I'm there! Contact me for more information.
  9. Should we feed you?
    If it's a full day in the life shoot then yes, I do ask that you feed me, please. I am not at all picky & am not allergic to anything so I will happily eat whatever your family eats.
  10. Can I upload my pictures to Facebook/other social media?
    Yes, please do! Pictures are made to be shared! I do ask that you please credit me for the picture by linking back to my website or Facebook page.
  11. What if you didn't answer my question here?
    I'm always happy to answer any questions you have! Feel free to text, call, email - whatever you prefer! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can find all of my contact information here.