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Portrait of documentary wedding photographer Samantha Hines


Seven years ago I discovered documentary photography and it was everything I'd ever been looking for in life. 

I began rapidly devouring any information I could find to improve my skills and began photographing anything & absolutely everything I could get my hands on - all in an unposed, undirected, way

family's days at home, fishing trips, backyard mud fights, a birth, bon fires, bar mitzvahs, weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, galas, camps, restaurants, cooking classes, farms, art exhibits, choreography workshops, trips to the pumpkin patch, 5ks, yoga sessions, Camp Christmas, family vacations, an adoption, sunday dinner, parades, backyard gatherings, memorials, pianists, wine tastings, dance parties, park clean-ups, father-daughter dances, auctions, brunches, beer tastings, field days, dance rehearsals, trick-or-treating, making slime at home, trips to the grocery store, a virtual hip-hop class, education non-profits, you know, anything. 

The *thing* I am photographing is important, yes, but what really makes a photo is you.

Two grooms stand at the altar, the officiant holds up an old fashioned


Wedding photography wasn't my first choice, I'll admit. Traditional wedding photography leans heavily towards stylized portraiture, and that simply isn't what I do. 


But then I realized that I had been looking at it from the wrong lens (lol). Here before me was the most golden of opportunities to do what I do bestdocument the silly, the strange, the fun, the laughter, the dear connections, the tears, the hilarious, the triumphs, the MOMENTS that are literally the reason we live. 

Because what better place to find all of that and more than at an event in which all of your favorite people (and for sure a few randoms) have come together in their formal wear to make merry and express all of their heightened emotions? 

I've photographed all kinds of weddings - on a mountain, in the woods, in a haunted hotel, on bikes even, - and the thing that makes for great photos always is you. Your connections, your love, your humor, your real life

Get ready, this is gonna be fun. 


I lived my whole life in Stillwater, Oklahoma until I moved to Denver, CO where I've now lived for 7 years with my 14-year-old son (Jury) and cat (Lily). 

I also spent a year in Spain studying Spanish linguistics, first in Salamanca and then in Madrid. And so yes, I do speak Español pero hace 10 años que lo estudié así que háblame lento por favor!


I love plants and currently own more than is reasonable. I also love rollerskating, making amazing playlists, and listening to them on the balcony as I watch the world go by.  

You can feel the love and warmth in each photo.

-Audrey W., family & event client, Denver, Colorado

documentary style wedding photo of a beautiful wedding guest showing her stunning smile
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