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Since I'll be asking that you be honest & vulnerable for my camera, I decided I ought to return the favor. So below you'll find a list of some of the most important facts about me, warts & all:

  • I cried at the end of Bring It On. No really. I'm just absurdly empathetic which, luckily for me, comes in quite handy in my line of work. And seriously, the Clovers really did deserve that win. 
  • My 8-year-old son is on the autism spectrum. He's super rad but sometimes it gets tough. Fortunately, he has a great team of people who support him (& me!) That's why it's super important for me to give back to those who work with and support the autism community. Click here to see some of my favorites! 
  • If I enter a room full of people, I'll hang out with the kids first. I find children genuinely interesting - the way they let their weird hang out & feel things so intensely. They truly are the best photography subjects imaginable. 
  • I am obsessed with Game of Thrones to an absurd level. I read all of the books in just a few short months & then proceeded to read every GoT theory ever written. And if George doesn't finish the next book soon I'm going to FREAK. OUT.
  • I drink Bud Light. There, I said it. Please still hire me.

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Black and white photo of my son & me by Lindsey Eden Bartell. Photo of my husband & I cutting a rug by Blue Elephant Photography. Photo of 7-year-old Sam before I learned how to tame that mane, taken by unknown {probably my mom}.