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Me & My People



  • I'm half Black Seminole

  • I love: justice, plants, dancing

  • I am accountable

  • Hablo español! Pero hace 10 años que lo estudié así que háblame lento, por favor! 

  • I'm a planner, and a laugher, and a helper 



  • Hobbies include:

    • Reigning as Geometry Master of the Universe

    • Searching for the 4th dimension (we gon' find it!)

  • He is now a teenager and taller than me. He said to me one day, "Mom, you look like a kid." Jig is up, folks. 

  • He and I are both autistic and we celebrate that around here.



  • Hobbies include:

    • Constantly begging for food and I mean constantly

    • Being too precious to be mad at which is also annoying

    • What I like to call passive hunting - the spirit is willing but the flesh...

  • Known aliases: Lily, Lillers, Dill, Dillers, Did, Didders, etc.

  • A ride or die

My Work

Before we grew up & the world told us we had to fit in we were all weird-ass kids.

And that's what binds us - not our ability to conform but our capacity to be authentic in a society that demands we be perfect:

-to be silly & unapologetically strange

-to love with our whole hearts

-to experience joy with reckless abandon

-to be honest


That's what I'm looking for when I photograph, always. 

weird-ass kid Sam

(Sam was) everywhere & nowhere at once 
(Sam) captured moments I missed 

instants I’ll remember forever

& the food 

The prosaic, the profound and the buffet

-Adam L, Bar Mitzvah client

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I usually respond within 24 hrs!

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