Your wedding day - unscripted and unposed

There are SO many more fun things to be doing at your wedding than posing for endless photos.

Laughing with your closest friends as you prepare for the day. Crying tears of joy with family members old and new. The anticipation, the excitement, the impatience, the nervousness, until finally…I do. No words can ever adequately describe the experience.

And that’s where my photographs come in, filling in where words fail.

Inclusive Wedding Photographer.jpg

I’m not sure when weddings became about spending hours taking millions of posed photos but I think it’s a bummer. You spend so much money and effort to make your wedding the day of your dreams only to spend half of it getting Aunt Esther to smile into the camera and threatening your cousins’ lives if they don’t stand up straight.

So I don’t do any of that.

I’ll still get photos of Esther and the cousins and all the rest but they’ll be candid photos, which are better. And skipping the stiff formals will give you all the free time in the world to drink beers with friends and family old and new and get funky on the dance floor. I honestly cannot imagine why a wedding should be about anything else.

*That said, if you’d really like (or if your mother/grandmother insists), I will provide 10-15 minutes of posed photos for you. The rest of your images, however, will be 100% undirected and 100% awesome.


Ouray, Colorado



Samantha Hines is a natural light documentary family photographer specializing in families, small weddings, elopements, birthday parties, & other events. Sam's photography is 100% candid & unposed. Sam is based in the Denver metro area & is also available for traveling sessions.

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