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And I too had to start squarely & humbly

at the beginning...

Feeling rushed & uncertain over

what to include, what to exclude, where's the light, how do I use it, which lens to use, which settings to input, which moment to choose, how do I frame it, where do I start, where do I stop, where should I focus, what am I missing, damn it, quick

before the moment vanishes

Cut to the present...

I walk into every session excited instead of unsure

I make decisions quickly & intuitively

I feel so good about the art I make 

Let's get you there


Photographers in the intermediate(ish) stage...  

Or anyone who's keen, really! Ideally you'll have all the basics covered - manual camera operation, general knowledge of the documentary genre, etc. - and are ready to learn how to start building images intentionally to tell a story. But I'm also open to anyone who's excited to learn! 


Learn how to see and to make quick, intentional choices.

Learn to identify and use the visual elements necessary to tell the story you want to tell. 

Long-term mentorships are tailor-made and can include:

  • Initial meeting and questionnaire to discuss your strengths, needs, interests, and goals

  • Lessons and at-home assignments created based on your unique goals and needs

  • Detailed feedback and discussion on all submitted work

  • *In-person photo shadowing session 

  • Culmination project


Flexible scheduling 

There is no set schedule for mentoring - we can meet as often as both of our schedules allow or take it more slowly if need be. 


The good ol' internet, friends



100   1hr

175    2hrs

Contact Sam

Are you ready to learn?!

Please send me a message using the form below to get started: 

or email

Thank you for taking the time to connect!

I usually respond within 24 hrs!

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