A photo documentary of your family's real life

Your days of posing in random fields are over

Laughing uproariously as your 6 foot something groom crashes and burns as he tries and fails to do the limbo, watching a swarm of children attack a piñata like a pack of hungry hyenas, trying to stop your daughter from eating all of the pancake batter before you get a chance to cook it {and yes, I've 100% photographed each of these scenarios}...

These are the things you'll want to remember down the road, the memories that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel. Real family moments are amazing and deserve to be documented. No matching outfits, no posing, & no directing.

I capture your family's authentic interactions in the places that mean the most to them and during the times you'll never want to forget.


Hi, I’m Sam!

The most important thing about me, besides my mad photo skills, is that I love meeting people & I love to laugh so if you're nervous about being yourself, worry no more. We're gonna have a blast.
Photo by Kelley Dallas Photography


How it works

Welcome to the easiest photo shoot you’ve ever had.

I won’t ask you to do even one thing. Not dress up, not smile for the camera, not clean your house, nothin’.

I’ll simply come to your home or event and hang out with you. When it’s quiet time I’ll be quiet. When it’s not quiet time, I’ll probably be making you laugh. And during all this time I’ll be taking pictures. You’ll be going about your business – bathing the kids, getting down on the dance floor, playing hide and seek, whatever – and when the moments are right, I’ll make artful photos of them.

Just be yourself and I'll take care of the rest.


Samantha Hines is a natural light documentary family photographer specializing in families, weddings, elopements, birthday parties, & other events. Sam's photography is 100% candid & unposed. Sam is based in the Denver metro area & is also available for traveling sessions.

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