As I mentioned in a previous blog, I don’t second shoot for other photographers because I’m just not a big fan of it. With this one exception, that is (or two, rather). A while back, Cody Sowa made a post online asking for second shooting/possible lead photography help as he’d just been diagnosed with cancer and would need to do chemotherapy around the time of two weddings he’d already booked. So I decided to ignore my no second shooting rule just this once. And I’m so glad I did.

This second wedding was a tad more traditional than the first wedding I shot with Cody (which included a lot of bikes and a lot of beers), taking place at the couple’s home deep in the woods of Morrison, Colorado. The soaring pines made for an amazing, dramatic backdrop to a beautiful ceremony.

The bride’s gown, worn by her mother before her, was so stunning that I had to fight back tears when I first saw her. She looked so elegant. So regal.  

After the ceremony, the coolest bluegrass band – Big Time Rascals – played a few ditties while we ate our grub. There really is no music that gets me moving quite like bluegrass.

It was around this point that Cody started to lose steam so we told him to am-scray. I was happy to take over so he could get some much needed rest.

Once Cody left and we’d finished our dinner, all of the requisite wedding rituals commenced, including the hilarious toasts and father/daughter mother/son dances.

Until finally, my very favorite part of every wedding: the dance party. Once the DJ got started and cranked up the music, the party got lit lit.

The bride and groom had a grueling battle to see who could earn the most dough during the dollar dance (a battle that the bride won by a landslide!)

Groom dances while a groomsmen holds up the cash he made on the dollar dance

It was a lovely night with lovely people and I am so grateful to have been a part of it and to have made a new friend in Cody.

If you’d like me to document YOUR wedding, please contact me!

Samantha Hines is a documentary family photographer serving the Denver Metro Area. She is also available to travel any ol’ where your little heart desires. She documents families, events, and weddings. She also hates speaking in the third person and is therefore gonna cut it out now. Holler!