So the original plan was to shoot Heather and Terrence’s documentary engagement session at Lakeside Amusement Park. Unfortunately, the weather forecast called for storms that evening and since Heather and Terrence are super busy photographers themselves, rescheduling would have been difficult so we decided instead to switch to plan B: an intimate evening at their home in Arvada. And even though the weather forecast ended up being a filthy liar (nary a drop of rain fell that day), I’m so glad it was. The session ended up being not only an absolutely perfect celebration of the beauty in their everyday life, it ended up being taken at the absolutely perfect time in their lives.  

First of all, let’s just take a look at these two adorable creatures:

And speaking of adorable creatures, the first thing I saw when I got out of the car was this lovely lady, Rumor, barking through the screen on the front door:

I was actually a little apprehensive at first because she was barking at me like mad but as it turned out, she was just super anxious for me to bring on the cuddles. “Hurry up and love me!” she seemed to say.

I mean, would you just look at this ferocious beast:

And then we have Riddle, who is also super ferocious and terrifying (in his own mind). Despite his handicap, Riddle rules the home with an iron first, keeping Rumor in check and falling out of his wheelchair on the regular. 

Like all of my documentary sessions, I asked Heather and Terrence to do just whatever it is they normally do in the evenings. And one of their favorite things to do together is cook, which explains why the pizza they made was so incredibly delicious. 

They then decided to take advantage of the beautiful, 100% NOT rainy day and eat dinner where they so often love to dine, at the table in their beautiful back yard.

It was a lovely evening full of laughter, reminiscing, and longing looks from Rumor.

The best part about having done their engagement photo shoot in their home is that soon after their session, they announced that they’d be moving out of state, making these photos even that much more important. They are more than just a celebration of their love, they’re a visual memory of their life together at this particular time in their lives – of the home they shared together, the meals they prepared together, the table the sat at so so many times and with so so many friends. A table that they’ve since sold off in preparation for their move.

How fortuitous that false forecast of rain.

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