When Suman contacted me to ask if I could photograph her birthday festivities, she told me I’d be documenting her and her friends getting ready together and drinking before going out to the club (otherwise known as [in the parlance of our times]: “pregaming”). I pictured a few girls gathered in front of the mirror, giggling together and sipping on Cosmopolitans.


This party was LIT.

First of all, Suman was offering specialty drinks crafted specifically for her birthday by the amazing bartendress from Free Pour (that’s right, she hired a bartender), Danielle Brown.

Now, I didn’t try any of these drinks because hard liquor and I are not on speaking terms and I wanted to retain the ability to, you know, do my job, but I gotta say the “When the Boys Are Away” shot was super tempting. With a giant, juicy, sweet-looking ball of watermelon plopped right on top, it almost tricked me into thinking it was something I could handle (but anyone who was present for my recent birthday party after my one shot of vodka knows that that ain’t the case).

And what party would be complete without great music? Overlooking nothing, Suman also hired a DJ: Trevor A. Predhome of Music On T.A.P. Playing all of the best hip hop from the 90s and beyond, we danced 'til we dropped (and yes, I do mean "we"). 

The lighting, the music, the food, the drinks, this party had everything. And everyone had an absolute blast.

The most impressive part, though, was that even after all of this, they STILL made it out to the club afterward. Mad respect. I seriously have no idea how they did it. I'm so so thankful that Suman chose me to document such an awesome event. This party just begged to be photographed.

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