It's a good thing I can take photos while crying, cause this one was a doozy. 

It may seem strange given that my husband and I weren’t even remotely interested in having a wedding of our own (our “wedding” took place in our living room, cost $50, lasted about 3 minutes, and was officiated by a guy with a badass ZZ Top-esque beard) but I get super emotional at weddings. All the love that a family has for each other is ramped up to a 10 and that deluge of sweet feelings floating in the air is super contagious, especially to an uber-empathetic gal like me.

Even when I was editing, I came across this picture, zoomed in to look at the way they were looking at each other, and started sobbing.

And just look how happy this sweet sister is for her brother:

What an awesome thing, love.

If I haven't made it clear yet, I SO enjoyed this family and all of their friends. The kindness and regard they have for one another is what life is all about. 

The best part? Not only did they love hard, they played hard too. The bride and groom were super laid back and had an absolute blast.

I was also thrilled to find that there were a lot of children in attendance, doing super extra kid-like things - like saving worms from certain death after the ceremony at the Black Canyon Inn and playing tag in the back yard during the reception at the Bristlecone Inn - all while sporting formal wear. 

I am, as always, so grateful to Laura and Jonathan for trusting me to capture such an important day in their lives...and for letting me cry right along with them.

If you'd like me to document your wedding, please contact me!