The minute I saw Erin's bridal suite at the Hotel Boulderado, I did a happy dance. Draped in dark, billowy curtains, stuffed with lavish, Victoria-era furniture and gilded mirrors, and covered in ornate, flowery wallpaper and windows for days - it's as if the room were gifted unto me by the photo Gods.

What better place to get ready for your wedding day than an over-the-top beautiful room filled with the dulcet sounds of 90's hip hop bumping from the bride-to-be's playlist? 

Once the bridal party had finished getting ready (and after a few glasses of pink champagne)… 

...everyone cleared out of the room and headed to the ceremony site so Erin's father could come in. The "dad-seeing-his-daughter-in-her-dress-for-the-first-time" moment is absolutely one of the best parts of a wedding to me (especially in this case, as Erin's father was ushered into the room to the tune of Biggie's "Big Poppa"). Erin had spent all afternoon talking about how much she loves her dad and when he came into the room and saw her for the first time, the look on his face clearly reflected the same.

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Chautauqua Park, with the Flatirons majestically jutting to the sky in the background. It was a small, intimate, perfect wedding, officiated by the bride’s mother and attended by only 20 close family members. 

I mean, have you ever seen a sweeter groom? 

After the ceremony, the bride and groom grabbed a beer (woohoo!) and headed to the field in front of the Flatirons to take a few formal photos together (after Erin got in a few good drinks of her Zima, that is. And before you ask: we unfortunately did not have any Jolly Ranchers on hand to add to it. Cryin' shame). 

After the formals we headed back to the Hotel Boulderado for a beautiful reception with linens created by Erin McAllister herself.

Black and white photo of a little boy at a wedding reception table, wearing a nice outfit and opening his mouth with food in it. Taken at the Hotel Boulderado.
Black and white photo of a little boy playing hide and seek with his grandma, both in formal wear, during a wedding reception at the Hotel Boulderado in Boulder, CO.

It felt like such a perfect wedding: no stress, just family, love, stunning views, and excellent food (the truffle cauliflower soup was AMAZING). It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful, loving family and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to document it. 

If you'd like your own wedding documented, please contact me!