Even though I’ve only been in Denver a little less than a year, I am so lucky to have already made incredible friends. I was so beyond honored when one of these dear friends, fellow documentary family photographer Lori McCurdy, asked me to photograph the high school graduation of her oldest child. Lori has four children (FOUR!) so as you can imagine, having the first one getting ready to leave the nest was a super big deal.

Tears were shed, friends.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I came over the night before to capture the pre-party – friends and family eating cake and being silly together.

But the graduation was slated to begin at an unseemly hour of the morning (Caleb had to be there at 7!) so everyone called it an early night to get some rest.

Lori’s son Hayden was the MOST excited to get up super early in the morning…

Truth be told, everyone was a wee bit tired and even the man of the hour slept in a bit longer than expected. Which didn’t matter one bit because of course, it took him approximately 32 seconds to get ready for his big day:

The look on Lori's face when she saw him for the first time says it all:

The ceremony itself was lovely and, of course, super emotional. 

The ceremony was followed by a delicious Italian lunch, where the whole family spent the afternoon laughing and reminiscing about Caleb as a little boy. 

They are such an unbelievably loving and beautiful family and I am indescribably honored to have been asked to document such an important day for them. 

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