The Autism Society of Colorado can’t stop won’t stop finding the most fun ways imaginable to raise money for their cause. This time they asked their supporters, “Hey, wanna drink a bunch of wine to help raise money for autism?” Who’s gonna say no to that? Not this gal.

The masterminds behind this particular concept are the members of a non-profit organization called WineLeague who’ve come up with a unique way for non-profits to raise money and awareness through what they’ve called “Competitive Wine Tasting”.

Everyone makes up a team of 1-3 people and then each team picks out what they think will be the best bottle of wine in the category established by the WineLeague for the evening (this night the variety chosen was Spanish Reds). Each team then brings 3 bottles of that same wine to the event – two of them are sampled and rated by everyone at the event and the third bottle goes to the winners. So whichever team brought the bottle rated as the best wine gets to take home every other team’s third bottle of wine. Voila! Wine! 

The events are run by unpaid volunteers and only a minimal administration fee goes to them to co-host events. And the rest of the registration money goes to the cause! Genius.

The food for the event included delicious, beautifully arranged cheese and meat trays provided by the most brilliantly named company on the planet called... (are you ready for this?) …So Damn Gouda. I mean.

And the cherry on top is that the event took place in a beautiful venue: The Colorado Automobile Dealer's Association. It was the perfect setting for the perfect night.

The winning bottle of wine was apparently one from Costco. But really, it doesn’t matter – when you’re drinking wine for autism everyone’s a winner.

As always, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to document this event for the Autism Society. And although I didn’t drink quite as much wine as the others (it should go without saying that I did drink some, though. Obviously.) I still had a blast. Next stop is the Walk with Autism at Sloan’s Lake on June 10th! Click here for more information.  

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