How is Emmy a documentary photographer’s dream? Let me count the ways. A ballerina through and through, Emmy doesn’t walk, she leaps and pirouettes through her day, her every movement a photo just waiting to be captured. She radiates 100% confidence and personality and is a nonstop source of hilarious faces… 

...oh, and also she thinks she's a cat. 

Emmy’s mom came to me to do this shoot because, despite being a documentary photographer herself (and an amazing one at that), Kelley has the same problem that many other moms and dads have: while she has lots of photos OF her kiddo, she never gets to be in any them. This is especially true of their morning and evening routines, of which Kelley plays an integral part.

So that was my mission, to capture all of the moments of mom being mom.

Picking the kiddo up from school,

...writing thank-you cards for the friends who had attended her birthday party and helping mom set the table for dinner,

...putting on her pjs {aka her ballerina costume} and getting ready for bed,

...and all of the morning fun getting ready for school and saying goodbye to mom for the day.

I was even able to capture some great photos of Kelley hanging out with her mom friends after drop-off:     

This is what documentary family photography is all about: capturing those moments that seem so simple at the time but will be treasured memories down the road, memories that you otherwise might have forgotten. All of her little girl’s mannerisms, expressions, and even her stint as a kitty cat will now be with them forever (and how hilarious will it be to show Emmy’s friends these photos when she gets older?!) I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to record these moments for Kelley and her family and am, as always, forever grateful for their openness and vulnerability.

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