Even before what turned out to be my very favorite part of the Ryan’s mini documentary photography session in Denver, I’d already captured so many wonderful, beautiful moments that I knew the family (and I!) would love. So when they told me it was naked baykid jump on the bed time? Well that was just the cherry on top.   

And the crazy part is that this shoot almost didn’t happen. It was planned for the day before but the kiddos had woken up with fevers. Luckily, although Declan was still a wee bit drippy…

…the kids were otherwise feeling good and in fine spirits. So after Declan showed off his emerging culinary skills… 

…we took off on a walk to pick big brother up from school.

Along the way we came across a seriously cool tree house and so I mentioned to the family how seriously cool I found it. Imagine my joy when they told me that not only did they have permission to play in it but that they had every intention of doing so. Music to a documentary photographer’s ears.  

After the tree house fun we went back to play in the Ryan's back yard which, as it turns out, is just as cool as the tree house. I mean would you look at this rad swing:

(Incidentally, Declan's face here accurately reflects the inner terror I was feeling as it suddenly occurred to me to worry about whether or not Gavin had remembered to throw this sucker into reverse before hitting the gas.)

Which brings us back to Naked Baykid time. Except for a few bumps in the road, as law decrees must happen whenever two siblings play together…

…overall the whole family (and I!) had an absolute blast.

They’re just such a lovely, loving family. The hardest part of any documentary family photography session for me is always leaving my new friends. I could have played with those sweet kids all day. But all good things must come to an end and hopefully we’ll all cross paths again someday. I the meantime, I cannot thank the Ryan family enough for letting me into their home for the day.