My bride upon my biiiiiiicycle! Biiiiiiicycle! Biiiiiiicycle!

I really don’t like second-shooting for other photographers (which is why I never do) because I’m a gigantic control freak. GIGANTIC. It’s my art, and the thought of someone else telling me how to art or of them editing the photos I’ve taken the way that they prefer to edit them irks me all the way to the very core of my person.

But when Cody Sowa posted in a photography group asking for help second-shooting (and possibly taking over as lead photographer) for weddings he’d booked prior to discovering he had cancer and would need to do chemotherapy, I didn’t hesitate to offer my help. And I’m so glad I did. Because not only did I get to help someone who turned out to be a super kind, rad dude who I now consider a friend, I also got to shoot my first bike wedding.

Yeah that’s right. A bike wedding.

We only covered 2 hours of the event, but MAN was it ever a fun two hours. All of the guests brought a bicycle and took a processional ride around Berkeley Lake before the ceremony. There’s really nothing quite like seeing a huge group of people drinking beer and riding bikes in formal wear.

Afterward, the ceremony took place under a big beautiful tree in Berkeley Park. The ceremony was short and sweet, the only attendant the groom’s son.

Our coverage ended shortly after the reception began but I can only imagine that with this group of characters, it was an absolute blast.

I am so glad I went with my instincts on this one and stepped out of my comfort zone. I got to shoot the coolest wedding ever. I got to make a new friend. I got to take photos of a bike processional whilst sitting on the back of a pedicab and taking it on faith that we wouldn’t go over a gnarly bump, hurling me (and my precious Sony) into the stratosphere (we didn’t). What a blast.

If you’d like a documentary shoot of your own, whether family, event, or a wedding, please feel free to contact me here any time!


Samantha Hines is a documentary family photographer serving the Denver Metro Area. She is also available to travel any ol’ where your little heart desires. She documents families, events, and weddings. She also hates speaking in the third person and is therefore gonna cut it out now. Holler!