All I wanted was snow.

In Oklahoma, where I'm originally from, we hadn't had a proper snow in forever (the sad little dusting the winter would spit out every once in a while being nowhere near a proper snow). So when I saw that the forecast for my upcoming Denver shoot with the Ennis family was calling for snow, I prayed to the Denver gods of wintery abundance to make it so.

And lo! 

Little girl making a snow angel, snowflake on her tongue, color
Father helping his daughter put on her winter gloves in the snow
Little girl and her daddy standing on a snowboard, sliding down a hill in the snow, color

Denver hooked me up for real. 

I'd had my doubts - the weekend had started off relatively warm considering what was to come. It was so nice out, in fact, that we were able to spend some time outside in Golden, running around Clear Creek and playing at Lion's Park.

Young girl running on the rocks near a river, color
Mother watching her daughter slide down a slide at the park, color, Golden Colorado

As beautiful as Golden is (and it really is incredible; visit it if you haven't already), baby Miles was just not havin' it.

Baby boy bundled up in a blanket with his mother holding him, black and white, Golden, Colorado
Baby in his mother's arms crying, color, Golden, Colorado

But that's what big sisters (and big bottles) are for.

Mother feeding her baby son while his big sister comforts him, black and white, Golden, Colorado

To round out the day we had some precious DITL family moments. 

One of my personal favorites: the in-home haircut...

Mother cutting her daughter's hair
After cutting daughter's hair, she blows the loose hairs off of daughter's face, black and white, Lakewood, Colorado

...and another SHDFP photo-ception moment: looking at family pictures while taking family pictures

Parents and daughter looking at family photos together, color, Lakewood, Colorado
Little girl chewing on her hair and looking at family photos, black and white, Lakewood, Colorado

And last but definitely not least we have the Ennis family's furriest, bitey-est member: the incomparable Tyson E:

Grey and white fluffy cat standing in a silly fashion, color, Lakewood, Colorado
Grey and white fluffy cat sitting on the carpet while a little girl plays behind him, color, Lakewood, Colorado

Thanks to not only the incredible Ennis family for letting me be a member for the day but to Denver for giving me the all the snow I could have dreamed of.

Parents and two kids all cuddling together on the couch, black and white, Lakewood, Colorado