This day had everything.

The most fortuitous event occurred while we were milling around downtown, trying to decide what to do. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a horse and carriage came trotting up. The best part? The ride was free!

No way we were passing that up.

Little girl climbing down from a carriage, black and white

We also got to experience a classic DITL moment: the sibling squabble {a *few* sibling squabbles, actually}.

Little girl on a bike crying, black and white
Upset little girl next to a hammock in the evening

All day long the kiddos played an integral role in crafting our meals. First, some morning scones...

Daughters helping their mother make breakfast, black and white
Little girl watching her mommy make scones
Sisters taking turns licking the beater, black and white

And in the evening they helped make some delicious pita pizzas for our front yard picnic.

Little girl playing in the flour, black and white
Little girls eating the cheese meant for pita pizzas, color
Girls having a picnic in the front driveway in the evening
Girls having a front yard picnic; one girl staring at mommy, black and white

After the picnic we took advantage of the Lewis' amazingly gigantic back yard, equipped with a tire swing, a hammock, and lots of friendly chickens.

Little girl eating a red popsicle and looking at the ladybug resting on her hand, color
Two sisters sitting on their mother in a hammock, black and white
Sisters swinging on a tire swing with a colorful sunset as a backdrop
Two little girls chasing chickens in the back yard, black and white

We also got to have some cool photo-ception fun since Katie, an incredible Stillwater area family photographer, was working on a 365 photo project with her family.

Mother taking a photo of her daughter in a hammock, color
Mom taking a photo of her daughter who is holding onto her leg in the hammock, black and white
Mommy takes photo of her daughter hanging out of the hammock with backlit hair, color

We finished up the day in the best way possible: with cuddles and kisses. It was an unbelievably full, fun day with the Lewis family.  

Daddy being silly in the recliner with his two daughters
Mommy singing with her two daughters in the recliner before bedtime, color
Mother kissing her daughter goodnight, black and white