Jasper McCollom-Stapp does not want to talk to you in the morning.

Actually, scratch that, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone after just waking up regardless of the time of day. Because when Jasper first wakes up, he feels like this:

I found this out the hard way, after trying to get pictures of him first thing in the morning. “That’s enough pictures!” he said…at 10:30AM. I feared we’d have a long day ahead of us.

But luckily it wasn’t anything that a little Veggie Tales couldn’t cure and before too long he was in better spirits and seemed to have forgotten that the camera was even there.

Crisis averted.

Before we go any further it’s imperative that we talk about this sweet little baby, more specifically: that tongue.

That precious, perfect way she sticks out her tongue. I could barely stand it.

I knew going into the shoot that the children would provide countless photo opportunities but I also received inspiration from an unanticipated source: mommy’s hair.

I don't know who loved it more, me or baby June.

The McCollom-Stapps were a joy to shoot – a family filled with love for each other…

And, most importantly, a love of the DANCE! 

Any family that busts out an old-school move like the sprinkler at the dinner table is alright by me. Eternal thanks to the McCollom-Stapp family for allowing me a day to peek inside their wonderful and deliciously weird little world.