As the mother of a child with autism, I am happy to partner with businesses that work with and support the autism community. It is because of individuals like these that my son is able to do and say things we never thought possible. Please take a moment to read the information below and see how these individuals may be able to help you or someone you love improve their quality of life - and to have fun doing it.

Spectrum Yoga offers life skills & self-discovery for those with autism, sensory processing challenges, ADHD, anxiety, & unique learning styles. Classes include therapeutic yoga, healthy cooking workshops, and other classes designed to teach youth & adults with neurodiversities individualized tools for full life engagement. Visit for more information.

The vision of ASC is for ALL Coloradans affected by autism to have ready access to services and supports needed to be safe, educated, healthy, & productive, & to lead fulfilling lives. They serve individuals with autism, families, providers, & educators throughout the state of Colorado with support, education, outreach & advocacy.
For more information about how ASC can help you or someone you love, please visit